Hi hi ~ I’m Francesca Newman, 27, founder & sole-womxn behind Delta Of Phoenix, my totally dreamy sustainable womxnswear brand.

Delta Of Phoenix is first and foremost a sustainable womxnswear brand ~ current, bright & evocative. I hope to introduce a new kind of glamour. I hope to design garments that embody self-love; garments that make the wearer feel glowing & dangerously appealing. Each collection will evolve aesthetically, as there is always an element of meraki within my collectionsOverall, for me Delta Of Phoenix is always unapologetically feminine, innovative & inspired by the wonderful womxn I’m surrounded by. I hope to design garments that fulfil guilty pleasures.

All garments are always handmade by me in my London-based studio, & all garments are always made to order, which ensures no garments are pre-created and therefore wasted at End-Of-Season. Most garments take from 4 to 6 hours for me to create from start to finish. My making process includes sourcing local fabrics, designing & altering, creating sustainable, minimal-to-zero waste patterns, cutting out the fabric, sewing the garment, labelling, steaming & then packaging beautifully with a personalised handwritten note included. I’ve introduced the bespoke-for-no-extra-cost element to each Delta Of Phoenix design as I hope to eliminate label-fear culture, & with my past seamstress experience this is something I have the power to do.

I create garments using eco-aware fabrics & trims, locally sourced from predominantly independent stores. Delta Of Phoenix garments leave zero/mini fabric waste, due to the way I design each garment to tesselate during the cutting process. Accessories are designed with sustainability in mind, such as the zero-waste Gloriosa sleeves, which ensure any remaining fabric can be utilised.

I want all of Delta's customers to totally adore their garments. As each piece is always handmade & made to order by me, I'm able to change design details, fabrics, lengths and any other altercations. Please let me know how to make the Delta Of Phoenix garment of your dreams via the CONTACT page in the top bar.

In a recent interview by Laura Gruebler for Title Mag, I was asked:

  1. For which three things are you most grateful for?
  1. Tempura Salmon Maki
  2. Books ~ here are some I adore:
  • White Teeth ~ Zadie Smith
  • The Secret History ~ Donna Tartt
  • Delta Of Venus ~ Anäis Nin
  • The God Of Small Things ~ Arundhati Roy
  • Call Me By Your Name ~ André Aciman
  • Geek Love ~ Katharine Dunn
  • The Master And Margarita ~ Mikhail Bulgakov
  1. Last but not least, my loving friends and family


Warmest wishes, Fran xxx