beautifully freckled rambles

beautifully freckled rambles

An interview with beautiful Sarah North, an Australian MUA living in London. @freckled.rambles presents an alternative insight into creative freelance, disclosing offcamera realities. Pre-interview are some examples of Sarah's beautiful lewks for Delta.

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1. How many hours per day do you spend on social media, and how necessary is this for your MUA work? 

I probably spend around 4/5hrs a day on social media. Most of that time is spent on Instagram which is my main platform for finding MUA & modelling work as well as connecting with other creatives. 

I'm always looking for inspiration & am constantly saving makeup looks from other creators to inspire my upcoming work, as well as what look I’m doing for my night out. 


2. Where do you find inspo for your MUA looks?

Literally all over. 

I'm super inspired by colours, whether thats in an eyeshadow palette or on a London cab. 

There are a few makeup artists & influencers who I look to for inspiration as well:  Linda Halberg - @lindahallberg, Lan Nguyen-Grealis - @lanslondon, Jamie Genevieve @jamiegenevieve, Mei Pang - @meicrosoft & Lina - @linabugz. 

They are all such inspiring women with amazing style, techniques & approaches to makeup. 


3. How much creative freedom are you given on brand/editorial shoots? 

It's very dependant on the job but generally there is a level of collaboration before the shoot takes place to throw ideas around & come up with a general vibe/style for the makeup look(s). 

The makeup for brand shoots has to always speak to the brand so there are more parameters in place. Whereas I find editorial shoots have more fluidity & freedom for both myself, the model & the photographer to throw ideas around & come up with something banging.  


4. A high and a low of MUA freelance you don’t mind sharing;

A high would have to be the first time I was published as a MUA. I worked with a good friend of mine, Molly Olwig - @giwlo, who is a photographer from New Orleans & the gorgeous Leilani Ether - @meom.lani. The photos were published in Picton Magazine which was such a buzz! 

The biggest low of freelance MUA work is the lack of respect by potential clients/collaborators. Being told there is no budget or you’ll get ‘exposure’ is a real kick in the teeth to my skills, as well as the cost I carry to maintain my kit.  


5. How would you compare your modelling freelance experiences to your MUA experience? 

I have had more work as a freelance MUA, however there are a few times where the two crossover & I’ll be both model & MUA for a shoot. I don’t think there is a comparison between the two, as a model there is a lot more waiting around between takes where as a MUA I’m forever tweaking the makeup, making sure it’s showing up correctly on camera. 

I would say though it’s nice to be able to spend my day in sweats or bike shorts when I’m the MUA instead of going through multiple outfit changes as a model! 


6. Does your make-up/beauty style sway with your most recent/upcoming projects? 


I will always use my own face as a test dummy for upcoming MUA jobs. If I’ve got a bold, glitter filled editorial shoot coming up you can bet I’ll be rocking loud glitter makeup leading up to it. 


7. 2020 aspirations 

Continue to build my personal brand & grow my client base. London’s both amazing & super tough, I want to gain a big enough base of photographers & brands to have consistent work rolling in. 

On that, if you’re looking for an MUA - hit me up!! 


8. A piece of advice for future MUA/modelling freelancers? 

If it’s your passion don’t stop. 

Don’t be discouraged. 

Keep working.


9. Glammest work moment so far? 

I was the MUA for a number of presenters at the BYPY 2019 awards & following their makeup application I was able to attend the awards myself. It was a glam, boozy evening & I had a great time! It was also amazing watching them present on stage knowing I did that makeup.

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