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✿ Fallen in love with a Delta Of Phoenix garment but want bespoke sizing, a bespoke luxury fabric or extra personalised details? 

✿ Unsure what Delta Of Phoenix's dreamy bespoke options can include, and how much they cost per?

 ✿ Fallen in love with a sold out design + want to check when it will be back in stock, what is sold out forever or garment availability?

 ✿ Wearing Delta Of Phoenix for a special event, and want to ensure delivery dates & that your dream garment turns up in time?



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Return Policy: Returns are accepted within 14 days of order arrival. Returns are accepted due to faulty garment or garment error. Returns will be processed within 14 days of enquiry. To enquire about returns, please email All Delta Of Phoenix garments are handmade and made per order.