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  • Hoochie Dream; Emily Brown & Anouska Campaign

    Just a lil interview with the totally dreamy Emily Brown, & how the world's lockdown status & ever fluctuating atmosphere has affected her freelance photography & vibe.  Our theme for the day ended up being Hoochie Dream ~ just so wonderfully 'Delta vibes', don't you think?

    1. On a more personal note, what advice would you share with a young womxn experiencing her first lockdown in a hypothetical future?

    Don’t feel guilty about putting yourself first. It can be really tricky to put yourself ahead of everything else that needs to be done, particularly when you’re trying to juggle the extra pressures of lockdown, but it’s so important.

  • Why Does The Robyn Sing

    What is your overall favourite Delta garment and/or collection so far, and why? 
    PESCA FRESCA - I could swoon over that dress forever - pink and orange gingham mermaid dreams, need I say more? 
  • How Wonderful ~ It's Tara Rooney

    Below is a super sweet & open interview with the wonderfully talented Tara Rooney @itstararooney. 

    I'd say: do passion projects. Spend your spare time on those projects, and once they get good and you get attention for them - they will become work! It will take some time but just know the work you're putting in now will pay off.

  • Oh so Clo ~ Interview with Photographer Clo Newman

    8. If you could pass on any advice to future freelance creatives, what would it be?
    Practice persistence and endurance, aim for longevity with your career, always be learning, expand on your skills and recognise where you bring value.
  • Bright Luxuries ~ Pink Gingham Bardot Top & Mini Skirt

    The Lussa & Luminosa, Delta’s new pink gingham bardot top and mini skirt, was born of my lockdown daydreams. Pink gingham, overlaid with peach organza, creates a totally sweet Fruit Salad effect ~ peach tones are Divine Nectarina’s core aesthetic. 
  • Plum Cream Dreams ~ The New Fuchsia Pink Satin Midi Dress

    The Crema Susina, Delta’s new fuchsia pink satin midi dress, was absolutely inspired by Marilyn in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; that opening number, all fuchsia satin shine & unapologetic femininity, with the gloves and all. 
  • Peach Fuzz & Marmalade Tones ~ The New Organza Tiered Midi Dress

    The Marmellata, Delta’s new organza tiered midi dress, was dreamt of whilst yearning for end-of-summer evenings and the texture of peach fuzz. Three tiers of holiday pastel tones, the Marmellata organza tiered midi dress is made up of orange, peach and baby pink organza; the sweetest tropical. 
  • Emanating Italiana ~ An Hourglass Dream In Pink Gingham ~ The New Pink Gingham Midi Dress

    The Pesca Fresca, Delta’s new pink gingham midi dress, has been totally influenced by my recent yearnings for Italian sunsets, rustic markets post siesta & Aperol in the Piazza. 
  • Astrid ~ Sweet Cherry Mini

    The Astrid mini dress is so named due to its definition ~ divinely beautiful. With a feminine twist on the astrological ethos of Astra, it was the perfect way to name this last minute bloom of inspiration. A few days before the Cosmic Summer campaign photoshoot, I found this cherry print and instantly dreamed of a mini dress silhouette. With white tie organza straps and white organza overlay, this cherry print mini dress is a total guilty pleasure dream.
  • Aquila Aquila ~ Gingham Tiered Mini Dress Of Dreams

    Aquila is named so due to the wings the waterfall tiered silhouette creates, a gingham mini dress of dreams-come-true. I had been developing the Aquila’s tiered mini dress pattern throughout 2020’s lockdown, finding a way in which to create a waterfall tiered mini dress with minimal fabric waste. A Cosmic Summer palette of sweet pastel ginghams, overlaid with pastel organzas; bubblegum pink, aqua turquoise and bubblegum pink. I was oh-so-excited to share the Aquila with y’all, having developed a more eco-aware and sustainable pattern.
  • Cosmic Tee ~ Delta’s New Pastel Print Black Short Sleeve Tee

    Due to last season’s dream reaction to Delta Of Phoenix’s original print tees, I was oh-so-excited to create a new short sleeve tee, and was dreaming of pastel prints on a black base. The Cosmic Tee’s pastel kawaii rainbow blossomed from the other garments within Cosmic Summer. The dreamiest pastel print black short sleeve tee ~ oh so COSMIC.
  • Cosmic Cirro ~ Pastel Organza Bardot Dress

    The Cirrostratus dress is a total Cosmic princess dream, with shades of pastel organza cascading in a bardot princess silhouette, a truly Cosmic garment. This dream organza dress was initially inspired by; the sweet pastel organza palettes of Kawaii culture, the pastel rainbow of Harajuku and the wispy dream features of Cirrostratus clouds.