This week, I interviewed divine Freya Maire all about her herstory, advice and ofcourse, her 'off menu' menu (the real juicy goss we all wanna know). 
A few weeks ago Freya and I joined up with fabulous photographer Robert @rampimage in Battersea/Notting Hill area to shoot the garments from my new VULVER Collection - view the collection here 
delta of phoenix leopard print


FRAN: Freya, what is your most proud moment of your career to date?

FREYA: Oof what a tough question to start with! I guess in terms of career I would be most proud of being published in Moevir Paris. However, on perhaps a smaller scale, I'm proud that I listened to the people that told me to model in the first place. I'm proud of actually having the confidence to put myself out there. It's always scary opening yourself up to exposure like that. 


delta of phoenix leopard print


FRAN: What’s your go-to motivation quote? From a book or from an icon or from Pinterest, wherever!

FREYA: "You can't change the people around you; but you can change the people around you." We can't control or mould those we encounter, it wouldn't be fair. People are who they are. You can either accept that or distance yourself from them, but you should never try to change them.


delta of phoenix black coord set


FRAN: What’s your favourite kind of photoshoot, and why?

FREYA: I'd say my two favourite kinds of photoshoots are:

1) when they're with a photographer who I enjoy spending time with and who I know produces the most beautiful images, and:

2) styled/brand/creative shoots... it's so much fun working with different creatives and making stylised shoots with some sort of thematic approach.

I love working with brands and showing off gorgeous designs, especially when I can model for sustainable brands such as Delta Of Phoenix! I think sustainability is so important and I love promoting anything that can benefit the planet wherever possible.


delta of phoenix blue glitter juni dress


FRAN: Any advice for aspiring models?

FREYA: Absolutely! First of all, just try! Modelling massively helped develop my confidence and if I'd never found the courage to attempt it in the first place, I would never of discovered how enjoyable it actually is. You meet so many amazing people when shooting and you develop your sense of self massively. I'd also seriously encourage those who are new to shooting to really do some research on who you're first shooting with. I had a lot of photographers knock my confidence and tell me I was never going to get anywhere with modelling when I first started. Had I listened to them I wouldn't have been published in multiple magazines and would never have realised how much I'm able to thrive in this industry. Don't let anyone tell you that you'll never make it. As well as this, there are some absolute creeps in the photography industry and people who are just not very pleasant to be around. Protect your energy always.


delta of phoenix leopard print set



What’s your favourite takeaway order? Your “go to”?

FREYA: Ooooo 1000% Chinese! Love me some salt and pepper tofu with egg friend rice 😍

Thank you to divine Freya @freya.maire & Robert @rampimage for creating this beautiful London Summer photoshoot.

Love, Fran ♡


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