Ciao, baby

Ciao, baby

Delta Of Phoenix, as an emerging womenswear brand, focuses on representing strength within contemporary femininity. The brand and concepts combine influence from iconic women, striking colour, and my own divine collection of literature.

As a one-woman company, my vision for Delta is purely personal; using imagery found within my own rainbow of paraphernalia, style born of the women who have inspired me, and an ethos reinforced by the beautiful words I’ve read. These elements enable me to create and emanate an authentic brand identity, remaining true to myself and inventing an honest representation of what Delta is meant to establish and symbolise. I hope to create garments that endorse self-radiance within a scope of individuality, to authorize unapologetic femininity.

As previously mentioned, Delta is a one-woman company, and all elements are derived from a pure and personal vision, untainted by trend or fast-fashion necessities. However, I have also been told that these beautiful words can be bewildering without their due context, and therefore their wonderful meanings can be lost in translation. I hope to start this blog in order to elaborate on the significance and brilliance of these phrases, their origins and their initial spark within Delta’s chronological circumstance. An excuse to divulge.

For example, words are used regularly within Delta’s social media graphic. Delta designs or photoshoots can be initially inspired by nothing more than the personification of an influential song lyric, a mood that can be reignited or relied upon throughout a dark and lost 3am. Having personally found a certain conviction of self-worth within these phrases, I hope to share and incite these affirmations vicariously through Delta.

As this is Delta’s first blog post, I would just like to send light and love and sincere thanks to all the wonderful women I’ve had the pleasure to work with so far, from models & muses to photographers & MUAs. Without all of these wonderful women, Delta would not be where it is now, only 9 months in.




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