Creating a lime green bespoke corset for Huru’s headline performance and a dreamy AF evening at The Boileroom, Guildford.

I reached out to Huru @cosmichuru after seeing that they were headlining at The Boileroom @theboileroom in January 2023 – having seen Huru perform before at The Glory @thegloryldn and being in absolute awe, I was dreaming of creating a Delta Of Phoenix outfit to match and highlight such passion and beautiful energy. Huru sent over a look moodboard of what she’d been hoping to create, and our dreamstorm began. 

Delta Of Phoenix designs

 We went back and forth via e-mail, exploring initial Delta Of Phoenix design ideas with diamante details and colourful corsets at the core. We fell in love with a colourful corset outfit, lime green with diamante detail, matched with a lime green and pink señorita ruffle mini skirt.

Delta Of Phoenix lime corset


Delta Of Phoenix lime corset


Creating bespoke unique Delta Of Phoenix pieces is one of the most wonderful parts of Delta Of Phoenix for me. To create and curate a handmade Delta Of Phoenix outfit that’s created for a precise and powerful MOMENT – to make a customer truly happy by making their envisioned experience a dream come true – it’s always a reminder of why I started Delta Of Phoenix initially, why I’m passionate about handmade fashion, made-to-order fashion, bespoke and unique. 




CLICK ME for all the beautiful moments at The Boileroom 
CLICK ME for Huru's performance at The Boileroom
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My partner Phil, BFF Alice and I drove the hour to Guildford and arrived around 8:30pm on Saturday 14th. We arrived just in time to catch BLENUM @Katiewouldnt perform – their initial song and movement performance was like nothing I’ve ever seen before and was oh-so wonderful, instantly letting us know what to expect from the creative and innovative performances to follow that evening. Mystery Team @gomysteryteamgo performed not long after Blenum. Their collective dynamic emanated throughout the venue during their performance, drawing everyone in – I found myself listening to their lyrics throughout each song.

In between performances, I helped Huru backstage with stage outfit QC and behind-the-scenes visuals. We captured the most beautiful moments just before she went onstage. Images below were captured in the Boileroom backstage changing rooms and wall-of-fame feature poster wall:


delta of phoenix lime green corset

delta of phoenix lime green corset


Huru performed 7 beautiful songs, featuring her song Guilty. 

 ✧・゚: *✧ GUILTY MUSIC VIDEO ✧*:・゚✧ 

Huru’s Delta Of Phoenix lime green bespoke corset with diamante detail just glowed on stage, with the lime green organza reflecting stage lighting, the señorita ruffle silhouette creating a dramatic, powerful and dreamy AF moment effect.

delta of phoenix cosmic huru lime green corset

delta of phoenix cosmic huru lime green corset


An absolute delight to work with another passionate creative, here is a short and sweet interview with Cosmic Huru – all about their creative process, their stage persona’s initial conception and why they create the music they create. Oh – and their dream 3 course meal, ofcourse.

1. HURU is your performance persona ~ where did the name ‘Huru’ originate for you and what does it represent?

When starting this project I really wanted to feel free when writing and performing and initially loved the name Uhuru ( which means freedom in Swahili ) but found it could be a little tricky as it is the name of Kenya's former president - so I just dropped the 'U' and really liked it!

2. How do you feel whilst performing? 

I feel a mixture of things but what comes to mind first would be, vulnerability, gratitude, joy.

3. Where does your inspiration originate? What energy do you hope to emanate during your performance?

My human experience is a major inspiration for my music and the nuanced and complex beauty that is life. I am continuously inspired by the work and creativity of black creatives who challenge the racial stereotypes within the entertainment industry and the arts. I hope to emanate a reflective and motivational energy when I perform and for audiences to feel liberated and inspired.

4. How does it feel wearing Delta Of Phoenix looks?

I was living my lime green dream in my Delta of Phoenix look! Each look is so gorgeous and unique and makes me feel playful and confident.

5. What’s your favourite meal? Starter + Main + Dessert 
So I am a taurus moon and food is THE love language for me, so this is a tough question and collectively this line up may not make sense but : Starter - Dragon Roll Main - Njera with all the stews (Doro Wat more specifically) and Apple crumble w Vanilla Ice cream. Yum!
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