Honest & Heartfelt Interview w/ Shannon Page

Honest & Heartfelt Interview w/ Shannon Page

Shannon Page @shannonpagee_, one of Delta Of Phoenix’s original muses & serial campaign model, shares her experiences of freelance modelling. She gives an insight into the reality behind industry-led body negativity, the ways in which to maintain unapologetic ambition & how she stays true to herself.

A truly honest interview, Shannon shares such bright & beaming advice, as always from the heart.


As a freelance model, how many hours per day do you spend on social media, and is this essential for your work?

I hate to admit it but I probably average 5-8 hours depending on how productive I’m feeling on the day. I don’t tend to do any ‘work’ on social media during Sundays, so no DMs, emails or anything like that. Sunday is my day off unless I’m shooting then of course I’ll be posting behind the scenes on IG story.


Name an iconic woman who you aspire to, and why you find them so iconic.

My mummy, she’s the strongest baddest woman I know! She’s laid the foundation to make me into who I am, she was a single mother with 2 girls and always did what she had to do to make it work. She never let us go hungry or cold, we were taught manners and morals, how to be vulnerable but to always protect ourselves. She taught me all the basics you need in life, she’s the one who always told me to do what I want, be who I want and to dream bigger because I can do anything. She always believes in me even when I’m at my worst and fucking up so for all that and the rest she’s the most iconic woman I know.


In your experience, is it necessary to be close to London when starting your portfolio?
It helps but honestly not necessary especially if you can travel into London easily and quickly. I’m very lucky as I’m only just over an hour away from London and I have direct train lines into London, so I’m happy to not live in London. But to be honest most high fashion photoshoots, editorials, castings and catwalks are in London, so if you live there it’s a lot easier to commute to more jobs a day.


A low and a high of freelance modelling you don’t mind sharing!
Let’s start with the lows, so I just find the industry to be very ... well let’s just say malicious! I now have insecurities of things I had never noticed before modelling and of things that really shouldn’t matter as they make us individual. I’m mostly told what I can’t do rather than what I can, chasing up owed money from clients and agencies isn’t fun either, body shaming and unfortunately a lot of creatives use their power within the industry to manipulate some models to changing their levels and doing things they usually wouldn’t. Luckily I’m very strong-minded and know the modelling path I wanted to take, so I was able to work around all of these things and to avoid them the best I could.
Of course I touched paths with a lot of these subjects but I’ve never let it affect me. You have to have a very strong mind and tough skin to be a model because people in this industry are brutal.

Now for the highs of my freelance modelling would have to be... (Freelance is work I acquired by myself without my agencies) Walking 2 seasons of London Fashion Week so far, I’m not saying I have a third season already booked or anything, MTV fashion show & my front covers. Plus all the amazing creative people I’ve met on my journey this far, I have so many wonderful creatives I now call friends as well as work colleagues including you delta <3.


Have you experienced any body negativity from people within the industry? If so, is there any advice you’d like to share with aspiring models experiencing the same?
I think every model goes through this especially when I apply for agencies, just remember you might not be right for one agency but you're perfect for the next! One month your look may not be in but the next you’re popping! The industry is always changing what they’re looking for and what’s in.
In this day and age where we have so many different types of models and equality really is real... I’d say don’t let anyone tell you anything! If you wanna model and you’re a size 6 & 4 foot tall, you can do it! If you’re a size 22 & 6 foot tall, you can do it! Anyone (yes I’m talking to you) can do anything in this day and age!


Favourite ice cream flavour?
I know it’s boring but chocolate is my favourite! I love other flavours too like coconut, strawberry, banana, peanut butter, cookies and cream and the rest of them but I don’t think anything can ever beat chocolate!
Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie is just fucking mind blowing!


Morning beauty regime?

Step 1: wake up.
Step 2: drink 1 pint of water.
Step 3: wash my face and teeth.
Step 4: moisturise my face and neck, eye cream and lip balm.
Step 5: jade roller.


What do you plan to do on your first free day out of quarantine?
Everything!... see and hug my Nan, see my friends, go on a date with my boo, eat at Fattoamano @fattoamanopizza, photoshoots (believe it or not I miss work!), go shopping in town and honestly just not take my life and the things I’m able to do for granted.


Are there any major differences between photoshoot modelling & catwalk modelling?
So at a photoshoot you’re with a photographer, director, MUA, hairstylist, stylists and the rest of the team at a studio or location set up. Usually photoshoots are pretty chilled even on the busiest of days, you will have a good couple hours to shoot and get the shot so them half blinking pictures don’t matter.

Whereas at a catwalk show, you’re at a location with a team again but this time you’re live showcasing designer collections down a large platform in front of extremely large crowds where you only have a couple seconds to get the shot and pray to the gods you don’t fall while walking. I always find catwalks to be really stressful, there’s a lot of behind the scenes with hundreds of photographers shooting you as you walk into the venue, while you're getting ready and after the show.
I’ve walked in a lot of shows now and the excitement, nerves and adrenaline never changes... I still get the same butterflies I did in my first show for every show.


Pls share a quote that keeps you positive in difficult times!
“When everything is uncertain, everything important becomes clear.” Take this time during lockdown to get to know yourself and what’s important to you.

A quote my mum always said to me while growing up...
“it’s better to be a lonely lion rather than a popular sheep”

Thanks for interviewing me Delta and I’ll leave you with my favourite quote of all time ...

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