How Wonderful ~ It's Tara Rooney

Recently, Delta Of Phoenix's CIRROSTRATUS dress was featured in @them, an online platform that shares & celebrates queerness, a platform I've followed and revered for some time ~ this is one of my proudest Cosmic moments. This feature was totally due to Tara's out-of-this-world portrait photography. Tara captures both herself & others in a sweet vulnerability, with an irreplicable style.
Below is a super sweet & open interview with the wonderfully talented Tara Rooney @itstararooney. 
1. How has COVID-19 and lockdown affected your freelance work? If possible, could you identify both positives and negatives?
I'll get the obvious negatives out the way. The uncertainty is tough financially and mentally, and when you haven't worked in so long you feel out of practice. HOWEVER, the positives have been surprisingly big! I got my first paid self portrait job, which was amazing and unexpected. When we were locked down, all I could do was take photos of objects or myself, so to get some work from it was amazing. I also found that once restrictions were lifted in July/August, work was SUPER busy. It was great to have one of my busiest periods just before another lockdown.
2. Favourite ice cream flavour?
Mango sorbet. *Chef's kiss*
3. We collaborated with you during Cosmic Summer collection, where your beautiful self-portrait with the Cirrostratus was reposted by @them. Which is your favourite Delta Of Phoenix collection overall?
I am blown away by DIVINE NECTARINA. The colours are so rich and Crema Susina is an absolutely stunning garment; the colour, the shape, length - it's perfection.
4. Any past/present photographers that inspire your portrait-photography work?
So many. Firstly: Lainey Conant. She inspired me to try group photoshoots and I love how she portrays sisterhood in a quirky and almost 'uncanny' style. Portrait Mami (Lauren) is incredible, her photos look like something in a dream. And to name a few others: Camille Mariet, Cenza Jacquest, Yellowkuul, Flavie Eidel - gosh there are so many!
5. During lockdown, what was your go to album (or music in general)?
'Dirty Computer' by Janelle Monáe, 'Fine Line' by Harry Styles, 'Future Nostalgia' by Dua Lipa and lot of Rex Orange Country
6. What has been your most proud creative/freelance moment to date? 
Ooh that's tough. The past year (despite the you-know-what) has been such a blessing. I was recently featured on instagram by 'them' (a queer publication) and the offical Pride page. They happened days apart and it was so surreal. Especially because these pages are all about queerness, it was rewarding creatively and personally to explore my own queerness in my work, then have it appreciated and related to on such a mass level. 
7. What is your spirit animal, & why?
This may sound boring but a dog. Specifically, my own dog. She's a 2-year-old italian greyhound and she's a skinny legend (not saying I am but we are both lanky). She's got a very similar personality and disposition to me: we're both sleepy, and like being warm and are quite needy.
8. If you could pass on any advice to future freelance creatives, what would it be?
Ooh. So firstly, I'd say: do passion projects. Learning on the job is of course very important, but I found that my work developed and grew the most when I was doing my passion projects. Spend your spare time on those projects, and once they get good and you get attention for them - they will become work! It will take some time but just know the work you're putting in now will pay off.
Secondly: find community. Whether it's online, or a physical seminar you go to - make sure you have other people looking at your work to give you feedback. It's easy to get stuck in a rut if you aren't exposed to new and different ideas and opinions. Also, it's why we do creative things in the first place! The arts are what make us human, and connecting with others about art is the best part. 
9. Following this strand, is there a particular quote you always fall back on in hard & trying times?
Someone said to me recently 'this isn't the year for apologizing'. And that is especially true in 2020, as we're all trying our best to just scrape by. BUT I would also say this is great life advice in general. Don't apologise for being you, or for limitations out of your control. Just do the best with what you currently have. 
10. Double-stuff Oreo or Jammy Dodger? 
Double-stuff Oreo. Buttttt I would prefer a normal oreo - double-stuffed sounds like too much for me.
Oh so excited to work with Tara again ~ show her some love;
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