ko +‎ 漏れ more +‎ hi

“tree” “leaking” “sun; sunlight”


Japanese culture was prominent within the research for Delta’s KAWAAKARI collection, eventually focusing on kawaii pop-culture & Japanese language. Kawaii pop culture essentially introduced an explosive and indefinite colour palette, whereas the literature & language conceived a concept within the chaos. The way in which certain words were indirectly translatable became a definite fascination, especially due to the visually serene nature of these words.

Komorebi, when translated, elegantly describes the way in which sunbeams filter through the trees & the subsequent shadows created; in its entirety the interplay between sunshine light & leaves. This visual of bright light flooding through a green softness inspired me to pair this word with a garment that was both sunbeam burst & naturality all in one. Khaki camouflage paired with a satin sheen fuchsia, a co-ord encapsulating komorebi. This consisted of a two-element festival co-ord:

Komorebi Co-ord

- a bardot, cropped & revealing bare shoulders, shirred with fuchsia thread across shoulder, waist & wrists, to truly create the Delta silhouette. Fuchsia organza off-shoulder long sleeves, flared at wrist for added glamour, trimmed with a fuchsia pink satin knicker bow, essentially assigning front.

- pyjama style trousers, with an elasticated waist to ensure perfect fit & practical pockets at hip. Fuchsia satin sheen piping creates pyjama styling with a wide leg fit, finished with another pink satin knicker bow, once again assigning front.

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