organza tiered midi dress detail

Peach Fuzz & Marmalade Tones ~ The New Organza Tiered Midi Dress

MARMELLATA ~ Organza Tiered Midi Dress

Soft Peach Falls & Oozing Italiana Madre – Dreaming Of An Organza Tiered Midi Dress

The Marmellata, Delta’s new organza tiered midi dress, was dreamt of whilst yearning for end-of-summer evenings and the texture of peach fuzz, and is a seasonal evolution from Cosmic Summer’s Cirrostratus. Three tiers of holiday pastel tones, the Marmellata organza tiered midi dress is made up of orange, peach and baby pink organza; the sweetest tropical. Each organza tier is dramatically gathered, and each organza tier comprises of a double organza layer, to truly emanate the soft sheen and feel of summer stone fruit peel. As I design sustainably, I have to always be aware of what fabric is readily available from my local and independent stores – organza is still classically used and a guarantee, and just works wonderfully with Delta Of Phoenix’s design ethos and soft glamour aesthetic. The Marmellata organza tiered midi dress is a falling cascade of soft peach fuzz tones, and emanates Divine Nectarina’s Call Me By Your Name visual, an Italiana madre on her way to the piazza, emanating unapologetic femininity and graceful glamour.


A Peach Organza Tiered Midi Dress With Minimal Fabric Waste

Back at the end of 2020 lockdown, I created my first six brand pledges, where sustainability was an elemental focus. The Marmellata organza tiered midi dress was designed with these pledges in mind, and now leaves minimal fabric waste! This is super exciting for me as a brand creative & designer, as it proves that sustainable design is a possibility. The only potential waste within this design is within the top organza tier’s asymmetric nature, yet when placed correctly the pattern pieces WILL tessellate, and leave zero waste – a total dream! All the other pattern pieces of this midi dress are rectangular, and all measured/proportioned in order to tessellate on a width of organza, therefore leaving no fabric waste and truly being part of a sustainable autumn womxnswear collection.


Divine Nectarina – A Sustainable Autumn Womxnswear Collection

Emanating true Italiana madre glamour & sweet Harajuku peach tones, the new Divine Nectarina collection is another expression of unapologetic femininity, for me anyway. Being able to create a sustainable autumn womxnswear collection with minimal fabric waste is oh so wonderful, a Delta dream come true. The Marmellata organza tiered midi dress is a sustainable garment yet still radiates the Call Me By Your Name aesthetic that I’ve been dreaming of. All Divine Nectarina garments are handmade by me in my home studio, and will always be made to order ~ further upholding Delta’s sustainability pledge, ensuring no remaining garments at the end of season.

organza tiered midi dress top view   organza tiered midi dress top    organza tiered midi dress skirt

~ Still life photos below were shot by Clo Newman @clonewman in her home studio, in a new COVID-19 safe & aware photoshoot set up.



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