A Cosmic Trinity of Pastel Gingham Tops

A Cosmic Trinity of Pastel Gingham Tops

A Cosmic Trinity of Pastel Gingham Tops 

The Dreamy Trinity ~ Three Shades Of Pastel Gingham 

The Luna, Ariel & Calypso create the truly dreamy trinity of pastel gingham tops from Delta Of Phoenix’s Cosmic Summer ’20 collection ~ in pastel gingham shades of sky blue, bubblegum pink and aqua turquoise. Inspired by Copenhagen street style & the ever evolving Delta Of Phoenix organza obsession ~ a total scandi dream-come-true.

pastel gingham top
Gingham Top Trinity ~ Superstar Collaborations
Earlier this season Delta Of Phoenix collaborated with the oh so beautiful Jeanette @jeanettekreutz ~ a Copenhagen creative ~ & Jeanette was a sky blue gingham dream in the Luna pastel gingham top. The shots for this collaboration to be released soon, so excited to share with y’all ~ here’s some behind-the-scenes dreams of Jeanette in the Luna, pastel gingham styled wonderfully: 
  Jeanette wears the blue pastel gingham top    Luna sky blue pastel gingham top


Another Copenhagen collaboration was for the pink Calypso pastel gingham top ~ Mette @mettedalgaards was a total dream in the Calypso’s bubblegum pink pastel gingham and pink organza. Due to the Calypso’s initial scandi-street-style influence, Mette’s extra gingham styling was everything I dreamed and more!


pink pastel gingham top    Mette wears Calypso, pink pastel gingham top    mette in calypso, pink pastel gingham top 


Serena Bhandari is a total dream to work with, and during our China Town mini photoshoot, Serena truly glowed in her bespoke pastel Ariel top, all aqua turquoise gingham overlaid with organza. It was a total dream to see a happy customer wearing her bespoke Delta Of Phoenix garment ~ Cosmic dreams really do come true!

aqua pastel gingham top - with quote   Serena wears Ariel, aqua pastel gingham top   prism photography of aqua pastel gingham top

Totally Cosmic Pastel Ginghams

Luna ~ Sky blue pastel gingham top with shirring detail, with sky blue pastel organza overlay and pastel organza tie straps. 


Calypso ~ Bubblegum pink pastel gingham top with shirring detail, with bubblegum pink pastel organza overlay and pastel organza tie straps.


Ariel ~ Aqua turquoise pastel gingham top with shirring detail, with aqua turquoise pastel organza overlay and pastel organza tie straps.


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