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Interview with Charlotte Moore

After working with many wonderful & creative women during Delta’s first year, we’ve discovered the glammest visual does not always translate in reality. We hope to share the actuality of creative freelance by interviewing some of the wonderful women we’ve worked with, hoping to both celebrate the glamour & commend the grind that happens in twilight.

 Working with Charlotte was a dream, presenting Delta with a challenge to create a totally sustainable & eco-aware garment, a core of her style.

Go to for really beautiful writing, style & photography.

How many hours per day do you spend on social media, and is this necessary for your freelance work?

Far too much! I used to check Instagram like crazy - I mean every hour. But, in the past few months, I’ve stuck it inside another folder within my phone to reduce the temptation! With regards to work, it definitely helped!

 I met Lizzy from The Norah Store via Insta, same with the lovely Sarah who edits Considered Magazine. And, obviously you! I’m not sure how I would have built these relationships otherwise.

Do you ever find you have an online persona?

Oh! So, this one has always been a genuine insecurity of mine. I’ve got plenty of friends that say my Instagram makes me look like a very sulky soul! I’ve also been told I look a lot taller online than I am IRL. But, I hope that I’m pretty much the same human, online or otherwise.

Where do you find inspo for your shoots?

I love making mood boards and I own far too many 70s magazines that I use as inspiration. I’m also lucky to work with some amazing photographers. Morgan Barfield, Eilis Columb, Beatrice Rigby and Bekky Lonsdale. These are my four go-to photographers and they all have a very different approach to creating content.

How difficult is maintaining sustainability for a style promotion blog?

Far easier than I thought it would be! I showcase pretty much exclusively sustainable and independent brands, as well as a lot of Depop finds. I honestly thought it would be a lot harder than it was, but making the jump to more sustainable and creative garments has been amazing.

Have you ever received negativity from promoting solely sustainable garments?

Yes, but mostly for sharing stats around high street brands. People genuinely feel attacked if you highlight that their choices affect this unseen and silent army working far away from us. I think it can be tough to recognise that buying a dress off Misguided means that someone else pays the price for our cheap clothing. There’s a disconnect there that people struggle with.

A high & a low you don’t mind sharing;

Oh my, so many highs and lows! I loved working with LUSH. They’re a brand I’ve shopped with my entire life and working with them was honestly the best feeling. In terms of lows, Instagram can be quite a negative place. There’s a huge culture of buying and needing to do better, that I think can make us all feel a little left behind. In terms of specifics - I’ve been rejected by so many brands that I’ve lost count. As a writer, I thought I was pretty resilient against rejection, but honestly - being told that you haven’t got the ‘right look’ is a whole new brand of soul-crushing stuff. But, I think a few weeks down the line, it’s easy to laugh at and shrug off.

Are there different opportunities/experiences for non-London based freelancers?

I’ve lived in both, and despite what Boris seems to peddle us - there are far more opportunities in London if you’re wanting to work in a creative industry. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist - but, Northerners have to work a lot harder to see the same career trajectory. It’s been steadily improving in the past few years, but there’s still a long way to go.

Do you keep the same aesthetic/attitude in front & behind the camera?

I wish! I’m far more confident behind the camera than in front. I love film photography and portraits on film are a very different energy than ‘modelling’. Also, I’m a massive control freak - (the above photographers will be able to attest), and I’m really panicking about lighting. I imagine I’m more fun to shoot with as a photographer than a model, just because I’m a lot more relaxed!

<3 2020 aspirations <3

I always feel like this sounds so *pls like* of me, but I’ve had a good year with this blog, my newsletter and Instagram. I’ve grown this account from 1.k in January 2019 to nearly 7,000 of you. Which is insane. But, I’m really keen to get my account to 10k, simply because I want to swipe up. I want to link to more articles and share more writing stuff. And, I’m hoping this year, is the year.

I’m also running a (very small) business. And, I’m lucky that I get to do what I love every day. But, as we head into the new year, I know I have to keep pitching and pushing for work. I’ve always been far too nervous to pitch titles that seem above my station, but this year. I’m going for it.

A quote that keeps you going on low day;

 Wake up every morning and tell yourself that you're a bad bitch from hell and that no one can fuck with you and then don't let anybody fuck with you. 

- Kate Nash 

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