Why Does The Robyn Sing

Why Does The Robyn Sing

Robyn @robynsheen is a total dream to work with, having modelled for Delta Of Phoenix 4 times (and counting for sure). We met initially on Brighton Beach, where I photographed both Robyn and Shannon @shannonpagee_ for Festival '19 collection. Since then, we've collborated on a shoot for Kawaakari collection {photographed by Tara @endoffilm in The Barbican on 35mm film, a total DREAM shoot} and most recently for Divine Nectarina collection {shot by Emily @ethicco.photography in Robyn's beautiful home, a dreamy home shoot}. 

Below is a sweet and open interview with Robyn, all about the crazy that is 2020 & her wonderful Veggie Youtube Channel {pls go check is out - I'm obsessed}.  

1. How has COVID-19 influenced your freelance modelling work? If any, can you identify both negatives and positives workwise within the world's current lockdown status?

The pandemic has massively influenced my modelling work. Positively in the fact that shoots seemed to be planned much more in advance which is great for my schedule. Also, I've found that during this climate people are supporting small businesses and 'shopping local' much more so I've found myself working much more closely with smaller brands which is my absolute ideal. 
The negative impact is most definitely the uncertainty which can seem scary at times.


2. On a more personal note, what advice would you share with a young womxn experiencing her first lockdown in a hypothetical future?
Try and get out as much as you can, go for walks and breathe in fresh air, breathing exercises have saved me more times than I can count. Listen to yourself and don't push too hard, everyday will feel different but you will get through this. Oh, and read books rather than watching TV endlessly.
3. What is your most beloved garment in your wardrobe right now & why?
I just invested in a green corduroy boiler suit that I want to wear every single day until it's threadbare. I love it so much. It's just the perfect easy, throw on piece.
4. Having worked with Delta Of Phoenix since Festival '19 and Venus & Honey (Delta's initial two collections) - what is your overall favourite Delta garment and/or collection so far, and why? 
PESCA FRESCA - I could swoon over that dress forever - pink and orange gingham mermaid dreams, need I say more? 
5. Three (music) albums you couldn't live without: 
All Things Must Pass - George Harrison 
Rumours - Fleetwood Mac
Heartbreaker - Ryan Adams
6. As a freelance model, can you sense a positive shift in the UK fashion industry? If so, please share any experiences that outline why this is or isn't so.
I think there is definitely a positive shift happening towards small businesses and bespoke items which is fab to see. I think this shift is happening partly because of trends on instagram, which highlights the ways social media can be used for good.
7. One quote that you always fall back on? 
Not sure if you can call it inspirational, but I always think about this:
'Stop saying yes to sh*t you hate.'
or: 'Only seek approval from yourself.'
That was 2 but whatever.
8. All time favourite breakfast? 
Shakshuka - Spicy baked eggs are my jam - recipe coming soon on my channel (shameless plug) 
{I adore Robyn's channel ~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNxVk8OFhJaXPE5R7UMHYhQ SHOW HER SOME LOVE}
9. I'm so so excited to watch more 'Robyn Cooks' (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNxVk8OFhJaXPE5R7UMHYhQ) - what inspired you to start creating these videos, and are there any exciting plans for the future? 
Thank you!!!! It's such a fun project that was born out of lockdown boredom when I was desperate for a creative outlet.
I've just invested in a new camera for my channel, so there is going to be lots of new exciting videos coming soon. I want my channel to be expressive and fun and silly and educational. I'm hoping to start interviewing young creatives and I'm desperate to start a street food series with my dad.   

10. Chocolate Fudge or Red Velvet?  
I once made these chocolate fudge brownies with a red velvet cheesecake swirl so I'm gonna say both... is that allowed?
Robyn's recipes are dreamy and easy to follow ~ check out her channel and give them a go! For me - the Harissa Aubergines vid with homemade hummus is to die for.
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